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in rockefeller plaza. >> it is october 11. >> what are we doing here? >> first of all, if you don't know about this video we are going to tell you about you are in the dark. >> we didn't know anything about this video. but it is sweeping not just the nation but the world. >> it's called "what does the fox say. ♪ ♪ ♪ what does the fox say ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what does the fox say? oh. >> okay. so this viral video has more than 100 million hits and we don't get it. >> we don't know why. the norwegian brothers are here. >> i bet them downstairs. they are adorable. >> they are crazy. i met their brother. and he is -- wow. >> he is is a scream. this song was supposed to be a joke. it was pay back for what they had done the record company. >> they tried to write the world's worst song and it has become a hit. >> we're going to talk about all what does the fox say. >> that means there is going to be skrun chees. she is -- she goes to the beat of her own drum. >> she seems perfect for him. >> look at how we have to get the tight shot. that is sad what you just did in there. >> some people have a
've published in i don't know how many like decades. ♪ >> ma, if i concentrate hard enough i can make things move. >> one of the projects i'm really excited about right now is the new "carrie" movie which just opened in theaters. i thought, is this something we need to tell again? and the truth is, when i went back to the novel and reread the novel, it seemed so, almost prescient in terms of things like violence in schools. in terms of bullying. in terms of cyber bullying. and it's one of these stories that i think kind of almost every generation has or needs its own version of the "carrie" story. and it did feel like there were ways to update in that kind of very organic fashion. putting in stuff like social media. putting in stuff about religious fanaticism. that felt like it could enrich the story as opposed to, we're just forcing this stuff upon the story. >> go to your closet. >> no. no. get off me. momma. >> come on. >> no. no. >> you pray little girl. pray for forgiveness. >> mommy, let me go. let me out. mom! mom! mom! god you suck! ♪ >> i think that teenagers and horror go togethe
, i think? >> no. >> they both have kind of wide faces. don't you think? >> i think of jay's as long, but if you want to say it's wide, okay. shall we look? >> well, i don't know. there's a new study out that says women are more attracted to wide-faced men. >> not to marry, though, just to -- >> cause -- >> go to poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. >> because they say wide-faced men seem to be powerful, wealthy, and in charge and aggressive and all those things. see, that's a wide face. >> but, you see, it's also very long. >> it's long and wide. okay. >> like his talent. >> oh, see, isn't that a wide face? and a good -- i mean a good -- i don't think wide is bad. >> well -- >> no, it's not. >> the mayor of toronto has a wide face, and i don't find him particularly attractive. >> here are a couple of examples of wide-faced men. one is simon cowell and the other is colin firth. >> see, that's not a wide face, that's long and thin. >> see, we thinned him out and made him longer. >> don't touch him. don't touch colin firth. >> you have to. let's make him long. >> no. no. we want our
they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that love it. a pack of these flavors is $65. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called? >> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. [ flatulence noises ] we wanted girouard to model these for us, da
show you because i don't know what was going on at the game. >> looks like nobody was on there. they were at the otr end. they don't wear pads. it's an aggressive, sexy ge to watch. >> iold you. >> they are just -- it's just there's noot dogs because the guys are all into this as a team they areun to watch. they're all in the scrum and doing whathey do. >> that's like their huddle. >> i knew the word hugby. rugby. but i had ner seen it. frank and i weren england f something and all of a sudde he's watching rugby game on tv ani'm going whoa. you can see th. they don't have helmets on or any stuff. >> no pads. >> their bodies are azing. >> they are ramming into each other d all men. it's exciting. >> hoda loves it. >>e thought you could e a good laugh. this may provide it foyou. there's somethincalled the brittania awards and sha baron cohen was there. so selma introduced him and there s an elderly woman ia wheelchair and they explained she worked with charlie chaplain when he was 5 yes old. she wathe onlyerson still alive who wathere during that very special moment. here's what
, sometimes they don't have that. >> the good way he answered it, listen, the person on the aisle own the aisle? can they control who goes into the loo and who doesn't? >> i assumed if i sat next to the window, i got to close it if the sun was bright in and i got to raise it. what confused me, if i'm in a window seat and the person in front of me is in a window seat, sometimes there's a window in between. you don't know if you can sneak up. >> you go, that's mine. >> they have their own window. that's the one in between. look, i think you should ask, but i have always controlled it when i sat at the window seat. i don't even like the window seat. i like the aisle. >> i like the window seat until it's then to go potty and there's someone next to you sound asleep. >> what do you do? >> i try so hard. >> get over? >> depends. >> who it is. >> i either take my time and enjoy it -- >> always awkward. >> yeah, no, i don't tap them. i try to get gingerly over. then, in order to do that, you have to put the weight of you on the back seat of the person in front of you. so that person's resting
! >> think about it. if you buy a house, you have to pay more for square footage. i don't know! for a large pizza, you pay more. >> not for large pants if you get pants that are size 6 -- >> there's a lot more material. i'm not saying it's right or wrong, they're saying it costs them more, hoda. >> it is wrong. that means people who are little get everything. they get the cheaper pants, they get the cheaper leg waxing, they get everything they want, and all the rest of us have to pay more for everything. >> you can buy a happy meal at mcdonald's. their littler and you don't have to pay as much, or you can go in the children's section and buy little clothes that fit you. i'm not saying they're right or wrong -- >> they're wrong. >> hoda, have you ever been in business? if it costs you more to do business, you have to amortize to make a profit. it might be rude and uncomfortable, and i'm sorry for that. >> they're trying to save money and they're going to lose business. that's my prediction. >> if you want your legs waxed and it's going to cost you $8 more to get your legs waxed, it's like so
back to mom? mom and daddy. >> come here. she's like no, i don't think so. >> you've grown up, ella. >> she sure has. >> boots pumpkin head. >> they will be at the parade tomorrow and -- >> yeah. it's going to be fun. >> the weather, hoda was saying, has been really rough. at 2:00 in the morning i thought our house was going to fall in. we're on the water there and -- every flue is open. you just hear the -- >> i'm curious about the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow because they are expecting some wind gusts saying 30 miles per hour. they're waiting until the last minute to find out -- >> i heard 50. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll find out. they may have to -- we'll see what they do. they'll make decisions at the last minute. >> call your carrier. >> we've compiled a list, traveling today and want to know what the busy airports and rest stops. here they are. number five the fifth busiest airport today is jfk at 4:00 p.m. >> come at a quarter of. >> san francisco at 1:00 p.m. please avoid that. l.a.x. at high noon. >> yep. >> chicago o'hare at 4:00 p.m. and the atlanta
, are fred and barney here? i don't see them. >> they're in a lot of trouble, too. >> thursday d, thursday. >> are we ready? >> da, da, da, da, here we come on the run, with our burger on a bun. we will tickle with a cold dill pickle and all of our potatoes are fried, fried, fried. our burgers can't be beat, because we grind our own meat, grind, grind, grind. fred flintstone and barney rubble, you're to blame for all our trouble. and if you think we're going to forget, you're out of your mind, mind, mind, mind. >> i told you we should have rehearsed. >> barney. >> have a good show. >> yabba yabba doo. >> what are you going to give me? >> i'm going to take your burger. >> bye, big boy. >> hello betty. >> hello, wilma. you know, this is getting old. >> let's see how well we did in terms of our looks. this is us. >> it's halloween. >> let's see how much we look like them. we're going to split screen it. everybody's telling me i still look like lucy, lucille ball. >> okay, there's you. >> yeah. lucy. >> no. it's good. okay. okay, betty. ready? >> i'm ready. >> that's cute. pie lid's falling a
're feeling like we are, you don't want to try anything today. >> noted. bloated. >> capital "b." >> we've got a big show for you. nicolette sheridan is here to get you in the christmas spirit. >> performance by the texas tenors. >> love them and ambush make-overs because we missed everybody at the parade yesterday. hope you had a great thanksgiving. hope you enjoyed the parade. >> we have bad news for you, so you might as well brace yourself as you're sitting there scratching your belly because the average american, just so you know, consumed yesterday 4,500 calories. >> is that like four days' worth of food basically? >> about. about. 3,000 on your turkey dinner, 1500 calories on snacks and drinks. >> that's the only way that saves me. i love that meal so much, i don't snack on anything. >> you don't? >> huh-uh. because then you don't have your appetite for all the good stuff. >> you are right. here's a question, when you go to someone's home for thanksgiving, do you ask for leftovers? do you say hey. >> hey. >> i'm leaving. >> going to eat that? >> taking that turkey? >> going to finish tha
, though? >> how many months old is -- when did we get the dog? like march? right? >> i don't know. i don't remember. >> april, may, june, july, august, september, october. it's not even a year old. >> thanks to my friend for sending that in. i have a picture of you i want to show. yesterday hoda came to the country with me to my house and got into my little podcast studio. there's bambino. she did such an awesome job on my podcast, going to start airing tomorrow. you can -- it doesn't air. you go online. >> what you have to do is tonight at midnight, by the way this is one of those things. >> there's our friend louise whose mouth is open. people always look like they're having more fun when their mouth is open. >> look at us. bambino, he sits with me through every one. >> i didn't know what it was going to be like being on your podcast. i wasn't familiar with what it was. i have to tell you, it was so much fun because you -- we covered everything. it's full of humor, full of depth. louise is hysterical. >> she is so funny. >> time goes like that. >> i know. i'm loving it. i am loving it
out their aice. i don't know if anybody ever learned a thin hoda is going to tell us about two pele who inspired her and changed r life. they arepecial. >> they are terrific. >> tl me about your big night lastight. hoda is always out and about. >> okay, here's my thing. i nt to the glamor wom of the year award ceremony. usually i go to these things, beuse we have to wake up so early, i go a little while then leave. this one is at carnegihall. >> so it's big. >> i it's big! so i thought there, i'll stay for about a half hour 45 minus, then i'llo. i didn't leave for the whole thing. cindy levy throws a eat, great, great event. >> she's editor in chief from "glamour." you look beautul, hode. >> iore the same thing the nit before. >> i was going to say. >> same shoes and everhing. they honored smany people. mala, the pakistani girl who was ot in the face. she stood up in ont of everyone at carnegie hl, look out and said i'm not afraid. i got shot in the fa and i'm not afraid. girls deserve to learn. it was such a beautiful and tearful cemony. the was a teacher from newtown, from sandy h
's become a friend of mine, glenn beck. very controversial guy. has a lot to say, even if you don't agree with him. he's ever fascinating. i went down to texas last week. fantastic new book out that we'll talk a little bit more. >> how about this, kmart has some of the best commercials. we've been huge fans. do you guys remember earlier we talked about a couple of commercials? one was called ship my pants. and the other was big gas savings. ship my pants. >> but you got to say them fast. >> and big gas savings. >> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that, i can ship my pants for free. >> wow, i just may ship my pants. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> i hate these big gas prices. >> sounds like you could use some big gas savings. >> kmart shop your way members save 30 cents a gallon. >> that's a big gas discount. >> big gas discount. >> you solved a big gas problem. >> totally solved might big gas problem. >> all i know is i want to go out with those people, you know, that ca
the last -- few things from the last thanksgiving. don't act like it's not in your fridge too sometimes. >> are you kid -- >> little -- not like -- not like food in containers. >> is there some turkey in there, 1-year-old turkey. >> we bought some other stuff, sauces. oh, that must have been from -- and i opened up the spice cabinet. >> yeah. >> lots of stuff is there. i was like, what -- not just spices but crackers that were opened from god knows when. >> you put your shoes in there, don't you? you use your kitchen for other things like boib thomas does. >> when they come i clean. >> that's good. >> wow, my apartment looks awesome. >> can you imagine how horrible holidays would be if you couldn't stand your family? >> oh, god. >> that's the case for a lot of people. >> yeah. yeah. >> couldn't stand them. >> i know. you know what, this is interesting. you brought up something interesting about how sometimes kids and their parents get separated when they're having a meal together. >> right. yeah. after church on sunday we went to a little restaurant that we love. it's actually the resta
. >> okay. do you like a man th a beard? >> no, i don't. >>kay. >> we're going to play a game. and it's called "guess that beard." we're read >> beard number one. >> i can't wt. >> oh, that's what's his ne. >> not hug-- >> ben affleck. >> i don't know names. >> and beard number two is hh jackman. >> you can wear anytng you nt. >> andumber three. huh? >> oh, that's the guy from -- >> kevin klein? >> no. it i-- i know, john hamm and beard number fr is -- george clooney! >> wow. >> and the last one? "duck dynast" our my cousin from appalachia. >> did i tell you were brilliant again? >> whad the biggest day and forgoto remind you we're illiant. at's what the daily ws says. >> you c still get it online at i thought for sure they were going to r that headline. >>e're starting to have lunches th people who help u with that column. and they are a wild and wacky azy bunch. >> here's a question for you, have you gone into a restrm at ki of a nice restaurant -- and bathroom attendant handsou towel or soap or something and theye standing the person is standing in there. there'been
. >>> if you watch "snl," it was a fun filled show. i don't know about you guys, if you watch this, the was a scen they called it kimye, a talk show -- >> waking with kimye. >> there ia woman who appears in the skit who couldn't identify. okay. >> okay. >> she hosted "snl." take a look. >> should we tell them after. oh, lady gaga. how can you compare us? we'rnot even weang the same thing. >>hat's a shame because you stanng next to a style tan. let'analyze the two. all right. kim is wearing a givenchy piece, that she didn't wanto wear, so i had to put her into it while she was leep. its sexy, while at the same time still says, hey, this girl knows how to rd. and kara is wearing this garbage. kim wore it tter. what do you have to say for yourlf, karen? >> well, first of all, this is my work uniform. >> ew, work. >> but honestly, i don't ce about shion. i think pele who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding sething. >> lady gaga. >> funny. but apparently she went to -- was it high school for the perfming arts or something like thaso she has a lot of background in that. >>
. you know i don't like sweets. but when i have one, i make it count. >> another big reese. i love it. what do you like? >> i like the reese a lot. i like the hershey's milk chocolate. >> i didn't know, no one told me, jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. did anyone know? jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. >> they're begging for them in the back. >> okay. here's the thing. finish that please. i can't do it. >> i can. >> you're nobody until you have instagramed your butt. did you know that? there seems to be a new trend in hollywood. hoda, you got to get with it. you got to be hip. you got to instagram your stuff. >> everybody is posting their junk. they are turning around and taking a picture. that was the kim kardashian picture. we've completely blurred it. >> even though the whole world's seen it. i love our standards and practices. >> well, not on air. here's lady gaga. >> what is that? you can't even tell. >> although they didn't blur out her thong. what's the point? >> seriously, this is embarrassing. >> this is embarrassing. >> this is hysterical. they put a blur in the crack. can you
before coming. >> they don't have to. >> reporter: his first campaign and hard fought republican primary ended in victory with support from tea party members. the charge he faces today is a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of six months in prison. his florida neighbors responded to word of his arrest. >> i think it's going to be a new career for him. there's no way to recover from that. >> reporter: he got the sentence first offenders in these cases usually get probation with the charges later dismissed if there are no more violations. as for what happens next, the house speaker john boehner says that's up to the congressman, his family and his constituents. >> pete williams outside the courthouse this morning. >>> we move on to the war in afghanistan and an agreement that might keep the u.s. there for another decade or longer. richard engel broke this story and joins us from kabul. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. thousands of afghan officials are starting to gather here in kabul to vote starting tomorrow on a joint u.s.-afghan security agreement that if pass
new level. >> what will we do to top that off? >> don't even ask. >>> also ahead this morning, the olympic torch has traveled to a place where it's never been before. we are talking space. back on the ground, will sochi be ready in just 91 days? there are concerns from terrorism to the weather. the president of the organizing committee is here with a progress report. we will talk to him. >>> we want to get to the today's top story, twitter, the site has changed the world, but should you stop tweeting long enough to buy? carl is live in our room. good morning to you. >> reporter: from wall street, twitter is going public. they priced at $26 a share. with all those problems facebook went through when they went public last year, can the company with that little blue bird make some green? hashtag ipo, today's opening bell kicks off one of wall street's most anticipated days of the year. social media giant twitter goes public. >> the twitter ipo is a central moment in their history. it's such a significant platform for so many people around the world. >> reporter: with 230 million
. >> this is renee zellweger before. >> yep. >> and this is renee zellweger now. >> i don't think that's so much difference. >> no. >> what? what are they alleging she's done? >> well, i don't know. let's see if we can investigate and see. >> i think she looks great. i mean -- any -- >> something's different. >> mid grimace can make it look like that. i'd like to a little something. >> i don't know. i can't tell from that at all. and first of all, i'm one to talk, you know. like i'm going to -- first of all, she can do whatever she wants, it's her body. and i -- if i were a well known actress, i would be hesitant to do a lot of stuff. because then you can't play age appropriate anymore. >> yeah. >> look at meryl streep does nothing and judy dench and maggie smith, and they get to play all these great roles. >> and they always go back to on another note jennifer grey on "dirty dancing." and she was very distinctive looking and then she had her nose done and she sort of blended in with everybody. >> and didn't see much of her career after that. >> right. sometimes it can be detrimental. >> well, w
. to think they all made it alive. >> you don't hear any swearing on the tape. >> which is shocking. >> one guy says when asked what happened, he said i literally got hit by a moving plane. >> i think that's why we do have a happy ending and survivors able to tell the tale this morning. >> we'll be talking to them later in the show. let us begin on a tuesday morning breaking news in new jersey. a late night shooting in a popular mall that led to a chaotic scene ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. yes, it's been an absolutely terrifying night out here. there were thousands of people in the mall behind me when a gunman opened fire. at 3:20 in the morning, police found the body of a gunman in a difficult part of the mall to reach. he had a self-inflicted gun shot wound in his head. >> new jersey's garden state mall is a suburban shopper's paradise, more than 300 stores, household names. 300 stores, household names. last night hundreds of police responded to the nightmarish 911 report of a gunman stalking the mall and opening fire. >> we heard shots and we thought
to bieve i was the first person who sned on. i don't want to saanything that going to -- heaven forbid peop look like i'm sayin something gative but honestly i ought it was going to be a three-person panel. they gave me a nice dangling monetary moment and i was st like, okay. this is the thing. randy jacksowill be there. known him forever. he used to plabass for me. this i't a big deal. this will be notng. but it wasn't that. it was like -- it was like hell, like going to wo every day in ll with satan. >> really? >> wow. >> well,or going to hell wit satan she made $ million on "american idol." >> that's a lot of people's idea of hean. >> she did s she enjoyed working with the contestants. it's unfortunate. shs so blessed. nobody wants to hear -- >> yes, no one les to hear complaining when you'rmaking 18 million. >> so, so, so much on the oer side of that coin. >> what? >> are we going to tk about rk wahlberg? >> yeah. >> he waat an event. >> q and a for "ne survivor." >> while tom cruise was making -- it's involved. >> tom cruise was ing a deposition about suri becae he was suing the tabloi
out. and the fridge preosa is hideous and gross. i don't know how she even goes inside there >> she has aazmat suit on. >> post-ro it's empty. so i h nothing going on. but this is a picte of our office rrigerator which is comparle to mine at home. >> oh, okay. >> just some icky junk. >> you live in the city. yoeat out so much. >> and i order in. >> you order in a lot. shhas cozy nights at home. >> sometimes you think, that will last one more d, one more day. and th you shove it in the back and you forget. that's what haens to me and i look bacand go what is that? >> it's sprouting. it's got ling things on it. this is very unusual month. >> we did ask viewers to send in photos of their refrigerators. these are the ones you sent . we're going to tl you a little later what to ke in your idge -- that looks like mine. that's a bachelor's -- >> is there dog in there? a dog is in the frid. sad. >> anyway, so we'lget to that. >> oy, hoda woman. at else are we going to talk about today? >> you may not known but this year thanksgiving is known as thanksnukkah. oh, my gosh. we should have a me
for you to see. you don't see this every day. this is an island being formed about 500 miles off the coast of japan and it's a volcano. an underground volcano so far the island is about 600 feet across. they don't know how solid this is going to end up. but that is amazing to see. you are basically looking at the birth of an island. this is the same way the hawaiian islands were formed. that's right. that's it. if you're looking for some real estate. boom! all right. our top weather story today, we got the arctic express. a big western mess coming across. we got low pressure developing off the california coast. as it does, we will be looking at more wet weather along the california coastline. inland, with that cold air coming in, we are looking at a lot of snow and rain. in fact, look at these snowfall amounts in the mountains in the central rockies. about one to two feet and heavy rain ahead of this system making its way through the lower mississippi river valley. we will get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. cmon man, we going to make this trade or what? it lets you chec
were saying he sounded a little pitchy. >> >> don't give away my secrets. >> who's pitchy now? simon >> that takes guts to sing with john bon jovi and taylor swift.. well done. >> and queen elizabeth >> and queen elizabeth was on the side playing drums. the >> we'll tell you about that >> that a little later on. of course, the later. story today has to >>> the top story has to do wit this man here and the weather. e talking about we're talking about a powerful of p storm impacting millions of eo day. >> if there's any good people on this travel day. >> if there's any good news it's starting to move a little a li faster and feel its faster. we'll feel its effects for less time.le less time. here's a let's show you this video that'd out of north carolina, atlantico carolina beach, north carolina just , kn knock, outside of morehead city. just d roofs torn off of a condominium trees uprooted. a lot of d a lot of damage and a lot of am floo flooding.di let's look at the let's look at the radar, we'll we'll show you just w show you what was going on. you can see the heavy you can thund
with it. but your children don't. they're just born. you want to protect them. >> those headlines were from june 2012. that means by bringing it up now, we're talking about it -- >> it take that long to do the depositions. >> right. >> it really does. it's a long, long process. let me tell you something. >> what? >> unbelievably expensive to sue. >> how much does it cost? >> oh, oh. i would say about half a million dollars each time you do, depending on. >> wow! >> and rarely do you win. although they -- who knows. he's not going to miss the money. i know that. it's the principle. >>> we have breaking news about jennifer aniston's hair. >> what? >> it's big. you know she's known for her lid. everyone knows her because of her hair. she decided she was going to do something and get a brazilian keratin treatment. which i am all for. >> i always get confused by calling it a brazilian. >> stop. stop it. >> why would she want that on her head? >> she did the brazilian and apparently it did something -- the chemicals, whatever is in it damaged her hair and she had to chop it. >> irretrievably
you don't usually see them doing, which is why it's such a great show. >> which also is what happened yesterday with matt. >> sexie accent on the globe is -- >> french. >> french. >> i like the brith. i like the southern. >> you do? >> yeah, i like southern. there's something about a southern >> she lived in the south for a long time, folks. >> there something about tha acnt that i just like. it's slow. it's sof >>t's seductive, yes, ma'am. >> we would like to apologize something. apologize. here's why. there's a global wine shortage. >> global ne shortage. it's coming. at was an actual tracript. i don't know what they're doing there. i think i saw that show. >> rlly? >> i did, yeah. that's not out of the ordinary. >> no, it is not. that wig was -- matt'sig was ful. >> really bad. really bad. remember the last time y and i did ellen, i took -- she had the huge glass of red wi in front ofe and i chugged the ole thing and you all fe for it. you thought it was real wine. it wasn't. >>o, it wasn't, indeed >>t wasn't good. it was grape jce. >> grape juice. >> it's kind of sad when they rea
this historic shiite-sunni split with iran and don't trust them and threatening to go nuclear themselves, the saudis have, if iran does proceed with its nuclear program, the nuclear program that iran says is peaceful but the saudis and israelis say it is not. it's not only israel, but israel is, of kourcourse, the most powl ally and the strongest political power here in united states there are many, many democrats and republicans, key senate leaders in both parties who are very strongly against this. they are going to be creating quite a fuss. the american people signaled in all of the polling on the syria potential of attack back on labor day that the american public does not want military action. without military action to stop iran's nuclear program diplomacy, the white house would argue is the only solution. >> andrea mitchell this morning, thank you. >>> now to developments in afghanistan. big story overseas involving the future of american men and women in uniform. a group of elders in afghanistan has approved a deal that could keep u.s. troops there for another decade. chief forei
in rockefeller plaza. >> i don know if i should say good morning or light a candle. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie ist with al rokeand natalie morales. matt h the morning off. look at van damme. that looks like you at yoga class. >> every man is cringing watchi this. >> we can l do this but only ce. >> the stunt is al but jean-claude van damme is not real. >> i wonr how he got out of that. how could you recover? >> me on that in a minut also we have a "today" exclusive today. never before seen deos of john f. kenne. wel show them to you. >> cool stuff. campaigning for present and riding in the very limo he was kied in months before e assassination. they werrecently discovered after being locked away for almost 50 years. > but we'll begin with today's top story. president obama over the healt care rollout disaste peter alexander at the white house with the lest. good morni. >> reporter: gd morning to you. the president is the first to admit has a lot of work aad of him to regain the confidence of the american people. today is critical. we'll sewhether his idea for a temporary fix tobama
sports itas a joke. >> there's a lot of words rown aroundhe locker room that we don't use in eveday life. >> reporter: fox sports says incognito showed them his phone with 1,1 texts between him and mart. one is said have come from martin four days aer he left the dolphins, reading, what's up, man? the world's gone crazy. l. i'm good, though. congrats othe win. yeah, i'm good, man. it's insane, bro, but just know i don't ame you guys at all. it's just the culturaround footll and the locker room got to me a little. fox sports asked imartin were sitting next to him, what would incognitsay now? >> i would givhim a big hug because we've be throu so much and i'd just be like, dude, at's going on. >>lso included in the text messages w this one from a week befe this all blew up. this allegedly from martin to incognito. it said, il muer your whole faly. incognito said he thought, as was their relationship, it was just a joke. matt? >> all right, kerry sanders wn inlorida for us this morning. key, thank you very much. >> let's turn to natie has a huge food recall just out this rning. >> that's ri
women nationwide. >>> and snake on a windshield. an unexpected guest drops in on two friends. >> i don't want to hurt him. oh my god. >> and the open of the "today" show, today, tuesday november 26th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning. welcome to today on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer along side natalie morales and al roker. what was the last thing to go through that snake's mind? different joke. that's crazy. i would hit the windshield wipers, no question. >> i appreciated they waited three seconds before cussing. there was the bleep. >> good weather news for tomorrow. it's going to get warm here in the northeast. >> yeah but not much warmer. it's going to be wet and cold. we have every kind of weather other than locusts is our big problem. over 200 million people. you can see winter storm warnings. we have winter storm weather advisories, winter storm watches and right now you'll see we've got everything on the map. we've got snow up to the n
're looking at the top of the rock at 850 feet, but here on the ground it'actually raining. >> yeah. don'rub it in, matt. i want you to ow back here at home we are keeping you in o thoughts. it is always bathinguit weather for u. >> that's right. >> oh, tha you very much. i apprecte that. going to be 80 degrees here. i might n that suit a little bit later on. >> no. no. no. >> iot crazy. it's early. sorry. all right. we do want to talk about t weather. it is our p story this morning. the deep freeze d the first blast of snow impacting a big area of the weather. the weather chnel's mike seidel is in a clly new buffalo, mhigan. >> good morning, matt. it's the first lake effect snowfall. so far seval inches on the ground. we're looking foas much as 6 inches of snow. yesterday chicago got their first flakes with lf an inch. this morning in nohern minnesota thtemperatures have dropped down to zero wh subzerwind chills. >> i didn't beeve the forecast until i saw it coming down toda >> reporter: resents in the midwt are used to snow and sleet. that wasn't enough to prepar them when the recast c
morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. i don't remember that team music being so disco. >> we'll have more on that big announcement later on but first the storm is amazing. the top story today. massive typhoon is in the philippines and wreaking havoc right there. angus is in manila. what can you tell us, angus? >> reporter: good morning, matt. experts were warning this would be the storm of the century. a category 5 super typhoon with wind speeds of up to 200 miles an hour. this morning, the people of the philippines are counting the cost. when typhoon haiyan made landfall at record speeds, it shows no mercy. tearing apart houses and whipping up giant waves and forcing almost a million people to flee their homes. power and communication in large parts of the country were down as the super storm lashed the central island and tourist areas. some 12 million people were at risk, but early evacuation kept the death toll low. so far, four dead have been reported, but the numbers may raise. haiyan is the 24th storm to hit the philippines this yea
, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, here's what the administration says. they don't deny that number. these numbers came from house republicans, who have been doing some -- or who have been holding hearings, preparing to hold more hearings about the rollout of the website. according to administration officials, these are based on handwritten notes. they don't believe the numbers. they acknowledge, obviously, that the website was very problematic in the first couple of days. and so, while this is all they could confirm, six on the first day, six -- that's right, one, two, three, four, five, six -- a couple of hundred on the second day, they don't believe their own numbers. and of course, we do know the state exchanges in just over a dozen states, they did have a lot more enrollment numbers, but they're not denying that this website was a total mess, savannah, and they know that they had a bunch of problems and that people couldn't finish the process. >> yeah, and the white house so far has not released any official numbers about how many people have been able to sig
an unfavorable view of the party. less than 40% having a favorable view. will the tea party accept this? i don't think so. i think they're looking down to virginia. they sit there and say, guess what, we stuck to our guns, we tried to make health care the be all, end all issue. those establishment republicans walked away from us. in fact, cuccinelli people last night were telling me they spent weeks begging chris christie to come to virginia and campaign with cuccinelli. christie said no. >> chuck, thank you very much. >>> a deadly bombing attack in china that is being called the most sophisticated in years. we have more from beijing. eunice, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people were heading to work during the morning rush hour when around 7:40 a.m., a series of explosions went off in the northeastern city. the authorities said the blast erupted in front of the province party headquarters. witnesses say that building windows were shattered, passing-by cars were damaged, and a nearby minivan exploded. so far one person is dead, eight people injured. po
.c and we'll t you answers. >> anyone woering what the l.d.l. is of the 800-pound gorilla. >> don't have to know anymore. >> don't have tonow. >>> a high stakelegal fight is underway over a painting othe late farrah fawcett. it was creat by andy warhol but who es it belong to? here is nbc's mike taibbi with the story. >> reporter: it's a 1980creen of theoman whose radiant beauty in showlike "charlie's angles" defined her career but who actually owned this warhol? three years before her death in 2009, she said she did. >> how many did he make of y? two. >> wow. well, he made probably three --ell, i don't know. have two. >> reporter: but o'neal, the ove story" actor that was her on againff again lover said warhol gave this one to him. he saihe only moved it temparily to fawcett's house when a new girlfrienobjected to it and brght it back to his house after fawcett's death. it was visible in his own reality show with dauger tatum. that's when thuniversity of xas made its move. she left all artwo and any objects of art to the university of texas. ryan counters that the painting was always hi
it down. >> i will see what the future will be. i think people don't plan politics years ahead. >> reporter: but 2016 predictions are irresistible. even more mitt romney on "meet the press." >> that is the kind of popularity and the track record the republican party needs if we take back the white house. >> reporter: the current occupant, president obama, jumped into one race this cycle. campaigning to help terry mcauliffe. the democrat's next presidential contend e contender? hillary clinton was not in iowa. she got attention when senator chuck schumer made this call. >> 2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary! run. if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> reporter: and president obama did not campaign for the democrat running against chris christie. she wanted more democrats to help her out. savannah, people are looking beyond tomorrow to the irresistible 2016. back to you. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. we have the new book "double down" which is causing controversy. we have mark halperin and john heilemann with us both. you guys reveal he had another terrible performance b
. once a year we get together with our advertisers expecting us to party with them. >> we don't disappoint. >> this is some of our advertising crew. a bunch of good people. >> look at lewis. >> he has been working at his salon all day yesterday and he came over to say hello to us at our party. >> one of the favorite things was some vino. >> this is skinny vine slim chardonnay. it is $9.99. >> what's mine? >> from the sonoma coast. >> delicious wines, very smooth. >> people were getting their brows plucked by sonya's brow bar. people were drinking wine and eating cupcakes. >> bobby is going to show us all of that stuff. we were busy because we went to matinee. >> we went to see a show getting a lot of buzz, "after midnight." >> it is jazz music, a lot of tap dancing. >> it is like an homage to the cotton club. >> it is a big cast. it has the duke ellington kind of orchestra on the stage. they give a vibrant show. >> yes they do. thanks to them. >>> last night you may have been watching the country music awards. >> when you got home you turned that right on, didn't you? >> i wan
. >> reporter: a dperate prayer as a monster tornado passes by and dons of twisters traveled across the heartland. a tornado killed two people there but it cou have been worse. it ripped the steeple off this church. at t height of the storm anchors at a peoria ws station had sign off and seek shelter. >> we need to go up. we'll be back when we n. >> reporter: achicago's soldier eld, >> the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: a retreat was dered for fans and players alike as the brs and ravens waited out a tordo warning. "today" show viewers using twitteto send us stunning pictures. a twister churning across a field. a home and c destroyed and several imagines of the splintered landscape left by the tornadoes. one twister re up a coffee shop in lenon, indiana. >> the debris started to kick up and that's wn i said, mom, i've got to go. >> reporr: some sections of washington, illino were leveled whilothers were left relatively uouched. >> those are our two vehicle sitting across in the field. one of which was inside of our garage. >> reporter: cars gone. homedestroyed. th
are on board. >> no. we have done surveys for the use of cellular telephones and by far passengers don't want that. and i can guarantee you flight attendants don't either. >> reporter: some passengers suggest they would give up their frequent flyer loyalty if it came to it. >> 100%. i'm a frequent flyer on one airline, but if they made that change i would consider changing for sure. >> reporter: it's the talk of the skies this morning. is there any escaping the siren song of the cell phone? so the fcc is entering this public comment period and then it will take months before any final vote comes, and then it's up to the airlines to decide whether they would allow cell phone use. united and american say they'll study the issue. already though delta says no way. its customers made it clear they're not interested in this. guys, back to you. >> all right tom costello. can of worms officially opened. i think it's a terrible idea. personally. >> i think you should be allowed to talk on the phone but only if you get into the overhead compartment! >> exactly! >> there's no way to shut that person up.
this all the way through. they now have nuclear weapons and i don't want to see that happen in iran. >> reporter: even some experts remain skeptical. >> you're not going to know how significant, whether this is the historic breakthrough many claimed or a historic mistake for at least another six months. >> andrea, you mentioned there were secret talks that went on for a year with the u.s. officials and iranian counterparts. what can you tell us about that? >> well these all went on with bill burns and other leaders in the gulf country and all without the knowledge of the arab leaders, israel and the western powers as well. israel, netanyahu was told by the president in september and that's why he has been so fiercely angry at the united states. that as well as the saudis. >> thank you so much. >>> a deal tied to u.s. involvement in afghanistan hit a road block this morning. natalie is here with that. >> good morning to you all. enable u.s. troops to operate in the country beyond next year, but afghan president karzai indicated it may have that wait. richard engel is in eastern afgha
.s. attorney he had a heavy expense account and spending too much money spending at the four seasons. i don't know this will kill anybody but it shows that romney didn't want to pick christie for a whole lot of reasons. >> any other reasons we should know about besides the four seasons? >> that is big. apparently romney would make fun of the governor's girth. he doesn't like people who aren't fit and who are late for meetings. look at the two guys when you see the stylistic and lifestyle differences. >> lot of differences there. >> the obama campaign as we learned looked at possibly replacing vice president biden on the ticket. i imagine that wouldn't probably sit very well with the vice president. what are your thoughts on this and how this all may have happened? >> well, first off, i'm not sure it was ever cleared by the campaign staff themselves. i think this was something billy -- may have been involved in lightly. anybody who thinks about it knows you don't have to have focus groups to know that the president dumped joe biden, it would have been a sign of desperation like an airplane t
, march, apri y, but not in november. this igoing to be a very dangerous y. if you don't get the tornadoes aftethe threat diminishes, straight line wind damage all the way east in the ntheast and these storms this morning are moving likehey're late for a date, lester, racing as fast as60 miles an hour outside of chico. it's going to hit and hit very quickly. >> batten down the hatches. dylan has the big picre. she's new york acking the severe weather. >> we have a huge area where we could see rong storms today. this is from michigan into mississippi and alabama, stretching east into pennsylvan and back west into eastern iow a closer look showsot only storms in the huge area, bu the strong risk ea. it's very rare whe we get a high risk any time of year, but especially this farorth this far into novembe it's in e yeow from chigan into parts okentucky, into io and west into illinois including the chicago area where a tornado outbreak is likely. that's what's ing issued by the storm prediction ceer. we could see very strong tornadoes and lontrack tornadoes, meaning they cou ay on the groundor
addict according tyou and you said no. >> i'm not. and they said, do you use crack cocain no. i don't use crack cocain no. ve i tried crack cocaine, yes. >> that's a game of semantics and the best euse i heard you give for using that crack cocaine was, i was ia drunken stupor. and is that supped to make anybody feel bter? >> not at all. >> show me the video even accding -- >> why ds the video matter? >> i could barely ev remember it. i was very, very inebriated. >> i want to make sure we understand. you're not in an alcohol treatment program? no, i have a weight issue. have been training every day all can speak is actions speak louder than rds. come bk and give me five o six months. if they n't see a difference i'll leave. >> it's mple. show me any mayor in north america right thisecond that's done what he done. he has saved the taxpayers $1 billion. >> councili would expect you to sit herand defend your brother. i think it's lal and i think it's wonderful. have you er been worried about him? >> yeah. his weight issues. >> now, wait >> wn he goes on a binge- if you want to call it binge d
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